Full Circle

A consistent theme that plays out, through W. Britt’s work is an exploration of geometric forms and proportion. Many of the earlier collections explore strong angles and bold shapes.The Full Circle Collection reflects on the inherent beauty of a shape that represents unity, inclusivity and timelessness. This simple but profound shape embodies the cyclical nature of creation and growth and how continually spiraling around the same concept and viewing it from different perspectives, can yield insights, as if almost seeing it for the first time.

New World Charm

Using the classic charm as a platform to reimagine the shapes and meaning of this personal expression of adornment, ANew World Charm Collection was created. It is an amalgamation of modernity merging with the basic symbols of antiquity. Individuality is embraced with the ability to select and combine various elements, creating a piece unique to you.


Inspired by the power of human diversity and connection, the Tie Collection brings together two seemingly opposing elements: metal & silk. The hard metal interwoven with soft colorful fabric suggests that these two are not only a perfect pairing, but better together. Each piece is versatile, allowing you to fashion it as a necklace, bracelet, or belt. May every time you tie one on be a reminder that we’re all united.

Acute Angle

The Acute Angle Collection pays homage to geometric angles and the beauty found in ever changing proportions. Remaining constant, is the designer’s infatuation with the strength of industrial construction paired with the softness of architectural curves. Layers of concrete steel and roller chain are subtly transformed into refined elements. This collection seeks to achieve an asymmetrical balance allowing forvisual intrigue.


Inspired by choreographer Martha Graham, the DynamicsCollection seeks to transform energy into a material medium. A heightened infusion of movement adds a new dimension to W. Britt's signature geometric composition. The pieces in Dynamics enable the wearer to have versatility in form and function. The designs are further enhanced by the incorporation of semi-precious stones.


The Unwritten Collection focuses on transforming the geometric shapes of letters and numbers,bringing a fresh spin to initial jewelry. Each character is manipulated so that the reference is not overtly obvious at first, resulting in contemporary geometric forms.The process of taking an object that exists and presenting it in a new way, is a foundational principle in W. Britt designs.

Raising The Bar

Raising the Bar is conceptually inspired by heightened expectations. This collection celebrates pushing boundaries in the creative process. Elements of the architectural designs of Le Corbusier and construction in the urban landscape are present, as is the movement and dynamic geometric forms inherent in all W. Britt pieces. These very constructed raw elements are reimagined in relation to the body and its surroundings, thus enhancing both the wearer and the piece. The strong lines of the collection complement the softness of the human form.

Assembly Line

W. Britt draws from the complexity of urban environments— evaluating, refining and adapting these references, ultimately yielding a new perspective. Assembly Line is both physically and conceptually an ode to the process of creation. W.Britt seeks a balance between industrial edge and classic refinement. The result is a collection of striking pieces that make a subtle yet strong statement.


Our Cufflinks feature bold 3-Dimensional shapes which play on positive and negative space. The result is the formation of unexpected designs which lend itself to a new take on the classic. A variety of semiprecious stones set against silver and gold imbue the collection with fun pops of color enabling the wearer to have versatility in form and function and to achieve personal expression.